Vital Signs: Series, Questionnaire, & Appointments

If you lived in a 3rd world country, the promotion of free health care would draw a great crowd, because people know they have health needs! …Well in some ways, living in America in 2017 is like living in a “spiritual 3rd World” country! It has become a land where malnutrition of the soul and spiritual disease and dysfunction have reached epidemic proportions!

If 2016 was a year where God felt distant, you struggled to read your bible, pray, and enjoy Him …and your soul had its fill of conflicts, bad habits, and a lack of joy in life’s journey—then don’t miss out on starting the year with a visit this Sunday to the “Free Spiritual Health Clinic”!  Our New Year’s series “Vital Signs” starts this Sunday at 10am. Make this year the healthiest you’ve ever been spiritually!!


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To Schedule a Pastoral Checkup appointment, email Georgina Ferreira at or call the church office at 504.482.6221