Small Groups


After our Sunday morning gathering, our Small Groups are the primary ministry of LCC for helping believers to grow in Christ and experience Biblical fellowship.


How Do I Join a Small Group?


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Which Group Should I Join?

Monday Groups:  
Ron & Flo Aleman Sermon Based Old Metairie
Mike & Darlene Badeaux Ministry of the Spirit Metairie
Donnie & Judy Bourgeois Sermon Based Kenner
Nic & Stephanie Francis Spiritual Disciplines Destrehan
Ray & Linda Prats Sermon Based St. Rose
Wednesday Groups:  
Lester & Janine Coe Sermon Based Lakeview
Steve & Linda Roberts Sermon Based Metairie
Julio & Janet Torres Ephesians Bible Study Metairie
Thursday Groups:
Miguel & Georgina Ferreira Sermon Based (Spanish) Metairie
David & Whitney Loria / Cliff & Belinda Vogel Marriage Lakeview
Erik & Erin Schmaltz Sermon Based Metairie
Christopher & Suellen Spencer New Believers Lakeview
Bill & Nancy Treeby Sermon Based River Ridge
Aaron & Ashley Vogel Sermon Based  Lakeview
Friday Groups:
Ferrell & Linda Greene Sermon Based (Senior Adults) Lakeview
Phil & Liz Widener Sermon Based West Bank

*Senior Adults group will begin at 10:00 am.


Spring 2017 Semester Calendar

01/11/17 Small Group Kickoff Worship & Prayer Potluck @ LCC
01/15/17 Small Group Meetings
01/29/17 Small Group Meetings
02/12/17 Small Group Meetings
02/26/17 Small Group Meetings
03/12/17 Small Group Meetings
03/26/17 Small Group Meetings
04/09/17 Small Group Meetings
04/23/17 Small Group Meetings
05/07/17 Small Group Meetings
05/21/17 Small Group Meetings

Meeting Agenda
Meetings will begin promptly at 7:00p and will end by 8:50pm. Arrival time for groups sharing a meal together will be 6:30pm. Senior Adult’s group will meet at 10:00a on Friday mornings.


Why Join A Small Group?

Here you’ll find descriptions for the kinds of groups that may be offered during a semester. See the schedule below for what is available this semester.

Why Join a Sermon Based Group?
Most of our groups are sermon based groups, which means the content around which discussions and gathering is provided by the Sunday sermon. The reason we feature these groups is because of our desire to not just be hearers of the Word, but doers and those who are actually living in the good of what’s been preached. Since you’ve already heard the message on Sunday, participation in these groups don’t require additional study materials. If you’ve been an active participant in an existing group, we encourage you to continue to connect with that group.

Why Join a Marriage Themed Group?
Marriage is such a foundational element of our lives that if we’re not thriving in this area, it’s hard to be living a fruitful Christian life. For many couples it’s been a long time since they took time to make a strong investment of fresh insights and helpful correction into their marriage. Here’s an opportunity to 2 1/2 months to study some very helpful material, apply some powerful truths, and take the time to bring some growth and adjustment to this important area of your life. This is a temporary, themed group that will only be available seasonally on a first come basis.

Why Join a Spiritual Disciplines Themed Group?
Spiritual disciplines like bible study, prayer, stewardship, serving, evangelism, etc. are the foundations out of which a vibrant Christian life can grow. Where these things are done poorly, few will ever be able to thrive in their walk. If you’ve struggled to have a meaningful prayer life or consistent time of Bible reading, then why not take the next 2 1/2 months to be devoted to creating or strengthening this area. It will surely serve you for the rest of your life. This is a temporary, themed group that will only be available seasonally on a first come basis.

Why Join a Bible Study Group?
These groups will spend their time studying through a specific book of the Bible. Participating in this group will require you to take time each week to work through the study materials related to that book and bring your thoughts and insights to the group meeting. In addition to a study of the biblical material, time will be spent in the meetings seeking to apply these truths to everyday life and to grow in the skill of Bible study and presentation.

Why Join the New Believers’ Group?
Do you feel like you could use some help with growing in your faith? Is Christianity new to you, and you aren’t sure what steps to take next? That’s why this small group exists. As the church, we aren’t called just to introduce people to Christ, but to make disciples and teach them to obverse all that he commanded us (Matt. 28:19-20). This setting is designed to help accomplish that. If you are new to Christianity, new to the church, or feel like you need to return to the basics of following Jesus, this group is for you.

Why Join the Ministry of the Spirit Themed Group?
God gives us the Holy Spirit to empower us to live as he’s called. If we only rely on our natural abilities and desires, then it’s likely we have settled for something less than God intended for our lives. This group will be a study of the Spirit’s ministry in Scripture, with a focus on how he wants to gift and equip us for God’s purposes. Join us as we together explore and apply how to pursue a deeper experience of the Holy Spirit.


What About Childcare?

It is our hope for our Small Groups to provide a setting for fruitful discussion and ministry. We would desire that parents with young children would be able to engage in these meetings with limited distractions, so generally kids do not sit in the meeting. Because childcare taking place in host homes has its challenges and concerns, we have asked for parents to arrange for their own childcare. If you have older kids or other family members who would be able to watch your children at home, or if you are able to afford a babysitter, that would be helpful. However, we do not want a financial burden to prevent you from participating in the groups, so we offer a reimbursement system to cover the cost of your babysitter if needed. Your small group leader will have a form that you can submit to request this reimbursement (LCC will pay $20 per family for each Small Group meeting that requires hiring a babysitter). While this service is offered to everyone, it is our hope that families who do not need this financial support in order to participate will not take advantage of these resources. (Some may also choose to submit to be reimbursed only every other meeting or only in particular times of need). If you have any questions or would like more information about why we have chosen to implement this system instead of traditional childcare at the host home, please call the church office.