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LCC Children’s Ministry

We believe the primary role of ministry to children is through the family; therefore, we seek to equip parents to minister the Word to their children and to live as compelling examples in their homes. In addition to this, we seek to use those in the church who are gifted to minister to children as secondary means of planting the Word into our children’s lives.

The mission of our LCC Children’s Ministry is to assist parents in their calling to train and fashion children in the knowledge and fear of the Lord. We believe that ministry to the next generation is vital for the accomplishments of God filling the earth with the knowledge of his glory (Hab. 2:14). We believe that children are a wonderful blessing from the Lord, so it is our desire to create a safe, loving, fun, and orderly environment in which the children entrusted to our care are able to learn about the character of God, discover biblical truth, learn the power of the Go

Our Children’s Ministry is provided during our 10 am Sunday Celebration service and is divided into the following categories:

  • 6 mos – 1 Year Olds
  • 2 Year Olds
  • 3 Year Olds
  • 4 Year Olds
  • 5-6 Year Olds
  • 7-8 Year Olds
  • 9-11 Year Olds


Children's Ministry 1


From the moment your infant enters our nursery, he or she begins to experience God’s love through the love and attention of our caregivers. Our loving nursery staff helps your baby find an interesting toy, meet a new face, or just enjoy nap time in a cozy crib. A private nursing-mothers’ room is available with television links to the main service. Nursery is provided every Sunday morning beginning at 9:50 am.

Toddlers (2 Year Old & 3 Year Old Classes)

Toddlers become more curious about their surroundings each day. We encourage that curiosity as our toddlers begin to learn about God from loving teachers who use active teaching methods designed just for this age group. On Sunday mornings these children learn about creation and God’s wonderful world through stories, singing, and lots of interactive play. Toddler ministry is provided every Sunday morning at 9:50 pm.

LCC Kids (Ages 4-11)

After joining their parents for corporate singing, the children are dismissed to Children’s Church, where they are taught a lesson targeted at their age group. Parents receive follow-up materials so that they can participate in what their children were taught and reinforce the lesson.








LCC Children’s Ministry Volunteer Staff

LCC Children’s Ministry Volunteer Expectations:
1. Loving the children as Christ loves them.
2. Setting an example of proper Christian conduct in the way we live our lives.
3. Ministering to the children.
4. Understanding that the care of children is not a right, but a privilege; and this privilege involves responsibilities to God for ministering to and caring for the children.

Child Protection Policies:
1. All volunteers must go through LCC Children’s Ministry Volunteer Screening Process.
2. Employ scheduling procedures and caregiver/child ratios that optimize safety.
3. Equip each room with a First-Aid Kit.
4. Educate our volunteers about recognizing child abuse and require them to report any known or suspected abuse to the LCC Children’s Ministry Director and/or to appropriate governmental authorities consistent with applicable laws.
5. Adhere to a Healthy Child Policy for admittance to LCC Children’s Ministry.
6. LCC offers CPR training to all volunteers. LCC will have at least one volunteer who is trained in CPR available during Children’s Ministry. Volunteers who are not trained in CPR are not permitted to administer CPR.