Christ Cares Cancer Ministry


The author of Hebrews invites believers to draw near to Christ and “find grace to help in time of need” (Heb. 4:16). We need only live long enough to experience a time of unique suffering and difficulty. An increasingly common trial among us is the cancer diagnosis. We want to be able to serve those who are suffering in this particular way, both inside and outside of the church body, and so we have a ministry called “Christ Cares Cancer Ministry.”

One of the ways that we seek to serve the community of individuals fighting cancer is our monthly dinner at Hope Lodge. Here are the dates that we will be serving dinner there:

Wednesday, March 5th
Wednesday, April 2nd
Wednesday, May 7th
Wednesday, June 4th
Wednesday, July 2nd
Wednesday, August 6th
Wednesday, September 3rd
Wednesday, October 1st

Here is the schedule for the evening:

4:00 – Food Prep
5:00 – Pack up the Van
5:45- Arrive Hope Lodge & Begin Setup
6:15 – Worship Begin/Word
6:30 – Dinner Served & Table Ministry Time
7:30 – Clean Up & Pack Van
8:00 – Arrive LCC Unpack Van
8:15 – Finished

If you are interested in serving, please sign up by clicking here. For more information, e-mail Cyndie Lincoln at