Vital Signs: Series, Questionnaire, & Appointments

If you lived in a 3rd world country, the promotion of free health care would draw a great crowd, because people know they have health needs! …Well in some ways, living in America in 2017 is like living in a “spiritual 3rd World” country! It has become a land where malnutrition of the soul and spiritual disease and dysfunction have reached epidemic proportions!

If 2016 was a year where God felt distant, you struggled to read your bible, pray, and enjoy Him …and your soul had its fill of conflicts, bad habits, and a lack of joy in life’s journey—then don’t miss out on starting the year with a visit this Sunday to the “Free Spiritual Health Clinic”!  Our New Year’s series “Vital Signs” starts this Sunday at 10am. Make this year the healthiest you’ve ever been spiritually!!


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To Schedule a Pastoral Checkup appointment, email Georgina Ferreira at or call the church office at 504.482.6221

Small Group Ministry – Sign Up


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Regional Men’s Retreat 2017


What do you say to followers of Christ who on the one hand are growing in grace and eager to follow the Lord, but on the other hand are battling conflicts, struggling with sensuality, influenced by an age of divorce, have become too casual about spirituality, and are tempted by the idols of the surrounding culture? We get front row seats as we listen to the apostle Paul tell the Corinthian believers what they needed to be much more aware of — that they were uniquely called to live life “Inside Out & Upside Down”! In our own day of cultural noise and struggles and habits and temptations, we are in need of hearing this for us too!

Join other men from Sovereign Grace Churches in the southeastern U.S. as we gather to start the year off right — meeting with God, fellowshipping with friends, and renewing your vision to live an “Inside-Out & Upside-Down”supernatural life.


Registration: $115 | Lodging: $84 per night, per room (double occupancy)
Ages: High School to “Still Breathing”






Study of the Gospel of Matthew

Our current School of the Word class is a study of the Gospel of Matthew. It takes place on Sunday mornings at 8:45a in Rm. 200.

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Online giving is a convenience that many people find useful. Giving transactions are handled through a trusted, secure site that allows both church members and guests to designate gifts to the General Fund or several other funds. The system allows users to create a profile for return visits, set up and personalize recurring contributions and create e-mail reminders for future contributions.

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“Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.” (Philippians 4:17)

“Honor the Lord with your wealth” (Prov. 3:8)